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For customers who consider business launch in Thailand.

For customers who consider business launch in Thailand.


Japan and Thailand, the Land of Smiles have established a good mutual relationship in economics, culture, politics, and diplomacy, etc. for long time. With respect to investment environment in Thailand, it is attractive for Japanese companies because the legal system/operation is clear, business launch with small capital is possible, there are various and wide range of investment privileges, comparing to neighboring countries in South East Asia. Although negative factors such as the Asian currency crisis, the Lehman crisis, widespread flooding, or political conflicts have happened periodically, investment amount by Japanese companies, the number of companies who launched business, and the number of Japanese residents continue to increase. We will try our best to support our customers for mid-to long-term business continuity/expansion in Japan and Thailand, regardless of customers’ business scale, business content, or business experience in overseas, with services tailored to the needs of individual customer, based on our abundant experience in Thailand. If you have already launched in Thailand and have some problem in management of your business in Thailand or international tax operations in Japan, please feel free to contact us; we also focus on services for headquarters in Japan.

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Support performance in Japan/Thailand

Since our establishment in 2004 in Thailand, we have supported many Japanese companies for launching business, or business operation both in Thailand and Japan after the launch. We are one of the largest Japanese consulting firms in Thailand. As a matter of course, it is important to understand laws and regulations, the accounting standard, and the Tax act in Thailand, it is more important to comprehend their practical operation and differences between Japanese rules/operation. We are confident that our support performance in Thailand shall be a major force for our customers who operate in Thailand.


Japanese experts in full-time service in Thailand

Our company is presided over by a Japanese certified public accountant and experts such as Japanese certified public accountants and lawyers, etc. are in full-time service in the Thailand office (in Bangkok). If there is no Japanese expert in service, such office may not be able to comprehend or handle customers’ real needs and risks. We offer services by Japanese experts in Japanese language.


Response in Japan

Our experts such as certified public accountants, etc. shall return to Japan periodically to handle accounting/tax/law procedures. Our experts who practise in Thailand on a day-to-day basis shall also provide consultation in Japan to customers who consider business launch in Thailand or arrange meetings with a parent company (management department, etc.) of customers who already established business in Thailand. We offer face-to-face services by local experts.


Broad support system

We offer one-stop services including consultation or procedure substitution for business launch before business launch in Thailand, or monthly/annual accounting/tax procedures substitution, statutory audits, legal affairs after business launch. Other than accounting/tax/legal services, we also have a broad support system including recruitment, real estate introduction/brokerage, M&A advisor, insurance agency, support for overseas business expansion for local governments, or sightseeing (inbound), etc. If you have any problem about Thailand, please feel free to contact us.

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