Incorporation/establishment of representative offices

We shall support so as to start operation in Thailand in the shortest way by providing sufficient advices including arrangement of business contents, presence or absence of restrictions on foreign ownership, capital structure, the stage of consideration of business launch.

Main Service
  • Confirmation of business contents/commercial distribution in Thailand
  • Comparison/discussion of forms of business launch (full ownership of capital, Thai capital, representative office)
  • Scheduling of business launch
  • Substitution of creation/submission of application forms
  • Others

Support for BOI application

We shall support so as to obtain BOI privileges in an efficient manner by emphasizing arrangement/prior confirmation of business contents/ handling items/commercial distribution, etc. and taking legislation changes into consideration.

Main Service
  • Confirmation of business contents/commercial distribution in Thailand
  • Sorting out the possibility or the pros and cons of BOI application
  • (Making an appointment for/accompanying to prior consultation with BOI)
  • Creating BOI application forms on behalf of customers
  • Making an appointment for/accompanying to formal interviews for BOI application
  • Application for issuance of BOI privilege certificates on behalf of customers
  • Others

Monthly/annual accounting/tax procedures, and salary calculation

We shall support comprehension of financial condition or clerical works by creating monthly/annual financial statements or tax returns (corporation tax, VAT, withholding tax), or calculating salary accurately and timely.

In additional, we also have developed “AAPAS”, the Cloud accounting system program to reduce the burden of our customers on bookkeeping and provide it to our customers free of charge.

Main Service
  • Monthly accounting/creation of financial statements/creation of tax returns
  • Salary calculation
  • Creation of consolidation package
  • Support for earlier account settlements
  • Cloud accounting system ”AAPAS” Please check in detail from link
  • Others

Accounting audits

By tailoring to business scale or needs of a parent company in Japan or subsidiary in Thailand, our Japanese/Thai certified public accountants who have extensive experience of audits in Japan/Thailand shall offer services.

Main Service
  • Statutory audits
  • Quarterly reviews/audits
  • Audits of consolidation package
  • Response to audit instructions from parent company’s auditors

Corporate legal affairs, and application support for VISA and work permit.

Mainly by Japanese/Thai lawyers, we shall offer legal operations such as general counsel, various license and approval/ legal research, application for VISA/work permit, etc.

Main Service
  • General counsel
  • Various license and approval/ legal research
  • Application for VISA/work permit
  • Creation of working regulations/employment agreements
  • Creation/review of agreements
  • Response to labor problems
  • Response to protection of intellectual property rights
  • Inheritance, and others

M&A, reorganization

In relation to restructuring, reorganization, or M&A, we shall offer optimal support including FA operations, research operations, or provision of schemes, etc. by using investment companies.

Main Service
  • FA operations
  • Financial/legal due diligence
  • Advisory for business restructuring/ reorganization (taking full ownership/incorporation as Thai companies)
  • Post-acquisition support
  • Others

Japan Promotion business

We shall conduct public relations campaigns for Japan in Thailand such as consignment business for local governments’ Thai/ASEAN offices, support for marketing research, inbound promotion campaigns for Thai people, etc.

Main Service
  • Outsourcing for Thai/ASEAN desk of local governments
  • Support for marketing research
  • Planning/operation of business meetings/business matching events
  • Support/substitution for exhibition on travel fairs
  • Operation agent for SNS in Thai language
  • Inviting travel bloggers
  • Others

Other services

We shall offer services tailored to your needs such as support for internal audit, dispatching interpreters, insurance agency, real estate brokerage, or recruitment, etc.

Main Service
  • Consulting for Customers Clearance and Customs Duties
  • Translating and interpreting service
  • Support for internal audits in cooperation with parent company’s internal audit department
  • Dispatching interpreters with knowledge of accounting, tax, and legal affairs
  • Agency for life insurance/non-life insurance
  • Real estate brokerage (by a group company)
  • Recruitment (by a group company)
  • Others